Heer and Dance Extremeas Coach of the Year Brenda Holloway

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It is my pleasure to submit this letter of nomination for Brenda Holloway to be Cheer and Dance Extremeas Coach of the Year!
Coach Brenda Holloway was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut where she found her love for gymnastics and cheerleading at a very young age. She trained in gymnastics for five years at the UJIMA Gymnastic Center at the Dixwell Community Center, formally called the Q House. She was trained under the coaching leadership of Reginald and Tony Wilder. Coach Brenda continued on to pursue her dream of being a cheerleader in high school at Wilbur Cross High School and later at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA where she graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Finance. She is currently a member of the Norfolk State Alumni Cheerleading Chapter where she participates in fundraisers to raise funds for scholarships for undergrad cheerleaders.
Brenda Holloway is currently the Director and Owner of the Hot Topic All Stars located in Lorton, VA. She also is the Assistant Coach for the Hot Topic Rising Stars, Starlites and Lightning Stars teams and also the tumbling instructor for all the youth teams in the organization ages 11 and under.
Even though Coach Brenda has only coached seven years she has made a major impact in the cheerleading industry. Coach Brenda has not only been a cheerleading coach, but a phenomenal teacher, mentor and a best friend to our families the community and the coaching industry.
Brendaas originality, creativity and courage have brought Hot Topic All Stars a mighty long way.
Brenda always shares her successes and a?lessons learneda? with new and experienced coaches and serves as a role model to all of us surrounding her.

Brenda Holloway teaches the participants of this program skill development, integrity, and respect. She pushes our girls and our coaching staff to always strive for excellence.

Brenda understands both the rules of the sport, and the spirit of the rules, and strives to make sure that our girls always cheer within the spirit of the sport.

Brenda helps the cheerleaders to identify their dreams and achieve their goals inside and outside of practice. Coach Brendaas motto is to always incorporate lifeas experiences in teaching our girls how to be the best in everything they try to achieve. It starts with getting a great education, making good decisions and giving 100% all of the time. Itas not just about excelling in cheerleading, but also excelling in life! Also, making the best out of every situation and looking for God for guidance and direction.

Ms. Brenda volunteered and joined, the 3rd Annual Kelly Cares 3K run/walk event and the Therapeutic Recreation Section along with some of the Hot Topic All Stars cheerleaders within the city of Alexandria VA The city office provides a full array of programs and services for residents with disabilities and oversees compliance of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Throughout Brendaas life, she has overcome many obstacles that could have broken her spirit for good, but through Godas grace and a strong foundation, she was able to make some new decisions in her life and start to give back to the youth and teens in the City of Alexandria, Virginia. This new experience in her life has been very rewarding and she continues to give back in every way possible.
Coach Brenda currently works for the City of Alexandria as the Assistant Director for the Therapeutic Recreation Program. She supervises programs that are geared towards the special needs population in the City of Alexandria. She currently is a part of the City of Alexandria, City-Wide Cheerleading Program committee. With her experience as an All-Star Cheerleading Director, Brenda would like to bring the same type of program to the youth and teens in New Haven, CT.