Hemical, Biological and Nuclear Agents and Incidents.

Instructions for the Research Paper
For the Research Paper in BOS 3125-08D you are to select one of the following subject areas and prepare a well-organized and researched 4-5 page paper (excluding the title and reference pages) regarding HAZMAT aspects on that topic. Your paper must contain at least three (3) internet sources, in addition to one (1) professional journal article or resource (i.e. textbook, not the course textbook) related to the profession.
The Ebsco Database (Business Source Complete) is a very good source of journals for articles related to these topics. Students can assess the CSU Online Library resources at the following link: 40 Rule based on 100 points, where 60% of the paper grade is discerned by overall content, with 40% of the grade according to the following:
1. Points will be deducted (maximum 25) for the following APA formatting deficiencies:
2. Lack of valid in-text citations.
3. Reference List that does not meet APA requirements. All sources identified through in-text citation must also appear on the reference list.
4. Lack of a valid title page
5. Not using appropriate font size (10-12 pts.), margins, and double spacing
6. Proper use of headings as required by APA
7. Lack of page header with page number
In addition, points will be deducted as indicated for the following non-APA items:
1. Quality of writing
2. Bad Grammar, spelling, and punctuation