Hemistry Literature Report: Carbon Nanotubes

Chemistry Literature Report
Topic: Carbon Nanotubes
” abstract
” 1 introduction
” Characterization or structures
” 2 Types of carbon nanotubes
o 2.1 Single-walled
o 2.2 Multi-walled
o 2.3 Fullerite
o 2.4 Torus
o 2.5 Nanobud
” 3 Properties
o 3.1 electronic Properties
o 3.2 Mechanical Properties
o 3.3 Electrical Properties
o 3.4 Thermal Properties
o 3.5 optical Properties
4 Syntheses
o 4.1 Arc discharge
o 4.2 Laser ablation
o 4.3 Chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
o 4.4 High Pressure (HiPCO)
5 purifications
6 Potential and Current Applications
7 Conclusions
” About 30-40 pages report in Carbon nanotubes
” The references Should be from 1997-2007 about (50 references)
” The referencing system used Harvard (Author date) systems.
” It should be written in 12 point front with 1.5 spacing and 2 cm margins.
” Use pictures and tables and diagrams or chemical equations if necessary
” You can add or change in the subheading above.
Notice: Yu have to evaluate and give your opinion about some issues and pointes that s coming n the assignment criteria. Please highlight your comments that you ve introduced. Please introduce the table of content for this assignment.