Hemsex by gay men is often to mask self-esteem issuesa?

I need an analytical paper base on a Current Event Paper

This is a very small paper (2 pages maximum) where you find a current event that has happened in the world around us or a current research study and apply the findings. Using a story from either print media or Internet news sources you will be discussing how it relates to social psychology. The idea behind this paper is to better understand where social psychologists apply their critical thinking to the world around us and to social behavior. At the end of the current event paper you might hypothesize as to what direction this event could take in a research setting.

Current Event to be use:

View the following article titled a?London study: Chemsex by gay men is often to mask self-esteem issuesa? link:

After reading the article you could discuss Chapter 5: The Self (of text book: Social Psychology, 8th edition, Aronson, Wilson & Akert ) terminology and how it applies. For example, Social Comparison Theory, Downward Social Comparison, Upward Social Comparison, Social Tuning and how those terms relate to social media in general. You might also take it further and ask questions that could take the research in a different direction.