Hicano Film Study (title:Los Olvidados)

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The film Los Olvidados is old Chicano movie. You should analyze the film. I want the writer should know this movie. this paper is crucially important take home midterm in summer semester of Chicano Studies class. it should be at least two and half page long and no more than 3 pages lenth. I want you to put best effort on the writhing and it must be written by own word seriously. This is not exact an essay but you should conclude simple and short introduction and conclusion part and you should at least make three points of body. This is the question of the film

Los Olvidados / The Forgotten Ones (1950)
El A?ngel Exterminador / The Exterminating Angel (1962)

1.What do animals represent in BunA±uelas cinema? What is his major criticism of society? Why does he convey so much anger? Is he, indeed, like D. H Lawrence a?an inverted idealista??

2.In Los Olvidados, Pedro tells his mother: a?I want to be good but I donat know howa?. How do poverty and the social milieu condition the tragedy of the street children? Why canat they escape from their social circumstances?
Compare the characters of el Jaibo and Pedro.

3.How does Los Olvidados destroy the moral myth and the social parable of the young delinquent reformed by society? Comment on BuA±uelas objective representation of a?the cruelty of human condition.a? (R 101)

4.Discuss Bazinas statement: a?The children are beautiful not because they do good or evil, but because they are children even in crime and even in deatha? (R101). Do you think that BuA±uel still believes in humanity? Why can we say that in his films a?no one is basically a?worse off than oneselfa a?? (R 101)

5.Bazin affirms: a?[BuA±uelas] images have a pulsating, burning power to move us a -the thick blood of the unconscious circulates in them and swamp us, as from an opened artery, with the pulse [of] the mind. (R 102). Analyze some of the images that most impacted youfrom Los Olvidados.

6.AndrA© Bazin considers that BuA±uelas cruelty is not his cruelty: a?he restricts himself to revealing it in the world.a? (R 103) Can we call Los Olvidados a cruel film or is it, on the contrary, a?a film of love and one which demands lovea?? (R 104)

7.In your group, add thoughts, questions, commentaries, etc. about BuA±uelas filma¦

You should conclude answer of the question in the body..
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