Hild Abuse: How large is the problem and what are we doing about it?


1. The paper will reflect scholarly work in substance, logic, cohesion, and format.

2. Do not write in the first person.

2. You must use APA for references and citations.

3. The paper will have no fewer than 15 typed, double-spaced pages of text materials (that doesnt include the cover sheet or reference list either).

4. Your paper must have a cover sheet.

5. Depending on your topic, you may wish to format this by major subdivisions and topics in an outline format. If you select this method of writing, then you must have a table of contents.

6. Grammar will be reviewed and graded along with spelling and proper usage of citations throughout the paper.

7. The paper must have an introduction and conclusion. The introduction introduces the writer to your topic and explains what you are trying to present to the reader. This should be the first paragraph of your paper. No abstract is necessary for this project.

8. The body of the paper can be divided into appropriate discussions or sections, each with a heading (see number five above).

9. There will be a conclusion or summary at the end of your paper. Here you will discuss results and summarize your paper via one or two paragraphs.

10. You must have a reference list listing all of your sources used under the APA rules for disclosure. No fewer than 10 different sources should be used and no more than 5 citation from the text should be used.

11. NO PLAGIARISM or an automatic 0!!