Hild Abuse in America I need this tonight by 1 am CST

The customer means that she needs the proposal by today midnight so that means that there will additional pages for the project itself. The deadline set is 5 days it is for the project. The proposal deadline is today in 4 hours.

I need an APA format cover sheet that incudes the following: the title of your future Research Paper (this may be changed as your project develops), your name, and the name of your university (Columbia Southern University). The cover page must also include a running head which should include up to 50 characters from the title of the paper, along with a sequential page number in the upper right-hand corner. My proposal should be 500-600 words and The following questions should be addressed in the first paragraph of your Research Proposal, which should be dedicated to establishing your purpose for doing this particular project. a? What is your rationale for this project? a? What do you hope to learn from the project, or what to do you want to see happen as a result of it? a? Who is your audience for this project? a? What role will you play in this project: investigator or advocate? advocate