Hild abuse protection and the implementation

Literature review,
i have attached you an academic article, and i want to review it according to the template set out below

Research Strategies literature review template:


Author(s), and full referencing of the article.

Area, Background, Context

Relevant Literature
Theory and Concepts

Research Questions
Methods and Data
Analysis and Findings

Consent, Access, Ethics

Writing style and presentation of argument
Research opportunities and Implications.

Note: Please make surethat you follow this Research Strategies according to my academic article Literature see the attached.


Referencing Requirements:
Heath I & Amiel S (2003) Family violence: the general
practice context. In: S Amiel & I Heath (Eds) Family
Violence in Primary Care. Oxford: Oxford University Press,
pp 39a 66

you can use other references im not sure how many references i need for the Literature review behind the 1000 word