HILD AND ADOLESCENT HEALTH CHALLENGES in Europe region and how Denmark and Romania address health issues.

CHILD AND ADOLESCENT HEALTH CHALLENGES in Europe region and how Denmark and Romania address health issues.

Task Instruction
Content: focus only on WHO Europe regional Officer

i?? An introduction which sets out the aim of this task.
i?? A body which contains the bulk of work
i?? Use subheadings
i?? A conclusion/recommendations

There ought to be significant differences between the countries in many respects, but you should also expect to establish some common health policies, on child and adolescent health (WHO | MDG 5)
You may also narrow it down to; i.e.: mental health issues related, alcohol, or tobacco

1. Begin by giving an overview of the main health challenges in the region

2. Look at what regional office recommends countries in region do to address these issues
3. Compare and contrast how Denmark and Romania address these health issues by looking at:

A. relevant policies in the countries in relation to meeting the main health challenges
B. health programmes in the countries
C. whether there are areas where countries work together (collectively) on any issues
D. are the countries putting in place measures in line with regional recommendations
E. is either country doing better/worse based on health indicators/rates/MGDs and why i.e. critically assess and compare/contrast effectiveness of policy and programmes
F. identify any social, economic and cultural barriers that impact on the success of the health policies and programmes in the Denmark and Romania . language, religion, economics, caste, migration, political movements, human rights and globalised factors, such as UN Conventions, trade agreements and international conflicts

4. Based on findings i??in short paragraph, give overall conclusion and recommendations suggest solutions to overcome, or mitigate, the effects of these barriers to health, for the governments and people in the specified region

i?? Expected to draw on both relevant reports, policy documents, WHO report, etci?? Organisation (WHO report).

Words count: 500
Please use the bellowsources:
Child and Adolescent Health:
Policy: policy