Hild Disapline/ Should you spank your child???

Persuasive SpeechShow your side First page is an outline

The persuasive speech will be a 5:00 to 7:00 minute speech to address either a question of fact, policy, or value. Students who speak on a question of fact or policy will need to give special attention to evidence and reasoning. Students who speak on a question of value must be sure to identify their standards of judgment and to justify their value judgment in light of those standards.

The issues that you choose do not have to be on a global or national scale. Think closer to home. What issues in your professional life are important to you? Can you speak passionately about any of them? For example, a healthcare student might want to speak to persuade others to give blood, or get yearly mammograms; whereas, a criminal justice major may want to persuade parents concerning the importance of monitoring their children s internet usage or being fingerprinted in case of abduction. If you cannot choose a topic related to your field of study, then you may choose another topic that you support.

Delivery of the speech is to be extemporaneous, from your speaking outline (submitted in Unit 8) or note cards. The assertions made in this speech must be supported by no less than five credible sources (Kaplan library or other respectable publications). Refer to the Unit 8 project for a checklist to use as you continue to practice your delivery.