Hild hood obesity in elementary school age

Hi I need the writer to write an outline paper. This out line is for a future research paper due, if he do it good we will continue doing the whole research paper thing. PLEASE FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTION CAREFULLY PLEASE.

1The title of the out line paper is (((child hood obesity in an elementary school.))). I need a 3 to 4 outline paper in an AMA STYL NOT APA. I need INTRODUCTION, BODY like speaking about the causes and other thing and a CONCLUSION.

2I will attached a research paper in a similar topic you can follow the paper steps or use it as a guid, but do not do the same paper because it is with the same professor that I am submitting this paper to.

3please I need A 3 REFERENCE from a RESEARCH PAPER . I will attach a photo of a paper that have almost 7 to 6 reference you can use 3 of them.


thank you