Hild Labour in Pakistan. Business Ethics.

A trawl through business journals, internet sites and newspapers will give many stories of questionable actions by organisations. Stories of injustice, discrimination or simple unethical business activities, are not hard to find. Many of the stories include breaches of human rights or unsavoury conduct or aggressive and intimidating behaviour to gain advantage at anotheras expense.

Question: Research this topic and find a suitable article to answer three questions.

Q1. What are the main ethical issues under examination?

Q2. What ethical theories could apply?

Q3. What would be an ethical resolution to the dilemma and why?

All three questions are of equal marks and must be attempted.

Response must word-processed, be discussed in an essay style format and referenced. A minimum of 2,500 words is expected and a bibliography.
The mark obtained will reflect the quality of the article chosen (to be included in the coursework submission) including depth and complexity, your response to the article with appropriate use of argument, application of ethical theories and justification of proposed resolution.
Evidence of further reading will be marked accordingly and coursework must be fully referenced.

This coursework assesses the following learning outcomes

L1. Demonstrate an understanding of Ethical Theory and evaluation.

L2. Apply ethical concepts to business practice.

Submission instructions

See handbook

Your attention is drawn to the Universityas policy on Plagiarism and Collusion which apply to this assessment. Details are available in your Student Diary.
You should also be aware that late submissions will be penalised in line with University regulations. Please see your Handbook for details.

Answer Guide

Students are expected to find a suitable article and extract the main ethical issues and considerations. They should demonstrate an appreciation of these issues and apply and discuss the ethical theories that they feel are most relevant. The decision making process now requires a definitive choice to be make and what course of action should be taken Better students will be more precise in the application and subsequently show a deeper insight to the situation.

Here is an article
(Reuters) Tears tracing lines of dirt on his face, six-year-old Pakistani boy Nabeel Mukhtar cries while crouching on a pavement to scrub motorbikes, his job for nine hours a day, six days a week.

He is one of millions of children driven into labor by poverty in a country where the unpopular government is seen as too corrupt and ineffective to care for its citizens, even the young and helpless.

I want to study and become a doctor but we dont have any money,said Mukhtar, who helps his family make ends meet.

Rising food and fuel prices and a struggling economy have forced many families to send their children to search for work instead of to the classroom.

Referencing Requirements:
business ethics crane and matten book