Hild obesity in London borough of Lewisham (5 13 years old)

Assessment Instrument
A written paper (max. 3500 words) critically discussing health and health care in London in relation to a specific population group. You will illustrate your discussion using the example of a particular health or health service issue in relation to a particular population group on a chosen London patch, such as a particular London borough or a combination of two or three boroughs. You should demonstrate an understanding of diversity within this group. You should consider alternative approaches to addressing this issue and propose solutions (Think critically to recommend solutions).

Your discussion will address:
a? needs relating to health and healthcare in London (London context of health and healthcare)
a? constraints relating to healthcare in London
a? issues relating to the planning and delivery of services at the local level
a? principles advocated by the London Health Commission

This will require you to be selective in your approach. Use your example to enable you to highlight key issues and trends both on a London-wide basis (the London context) and at the local level: its purpose is to illustrate your discussion of the themes explored in this module.

The discussion of both the contextual areas and the specific example will be developed and supported by evidence from relevant literature obtained as part of your self-directed study (seek, handle and interpret information).

Additional info:

Please could you make a clear focus about the choosing population target group. The paper should at least define obesity and provides the London and Lewisham contexts of health in relation to obesity. Trends of obesity in London and Lewisham should be provided. Statistical data on obesity available on the websites of organisations that look at health in London such as the LHO, HPA, LHC, GLA, APHO and SEPHO. In general, the discussion should focus on obesity among a target population group in Lewisham. Furthermore, it is important that specific strategies to deal with obesity in London and Lewisham are identified and discussed in detail. A critique rather than a a?shopping lista? of strategies and initiatives to address obesity is required in the paper. You should integrate citations into your own writing, synthesising the material; dont run the risk of plagiarism.

Readings for the Topic

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Greater London Authority. Mayor of London (2004) The state of Londons children report.
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