Hild Psychology Midterm Project-Evaluating Educational value of Toys

*Please have this be a high quality paper. It is for a college level child psychology course. Please keep in mind the psychology aspect and make sure to pay close attention to Question 3 below which asks you to relate the toy to one or more domain of development. This section is important!

Evaluating Educational value of Toys
Your task is to study 2 different toys (one toy per each group range) for children within two of the following age ranges: 3-6 (play years), 7-11 (school years) years old. You will select a total of 2 toys which you think will meet the developmental needs for a child within that age range. For example, for the age range 3-6 you might decide to choose age 4 years old and select a toy which is developmentally appropriate for that age. You can find the toys at a toy store, which will require you to examine the toy and take notes (you do not need to buy the toy). However, you can also access the toys by borrowing them from a relative, friend etc.6

Answer the following questions for the 2 toys which you have selected. Make sure you have two separate sections on your paper (one for toy #1 and another section for toy #2).
1. What is the name of your toy? Give a general description of the toy. How does the child play with it or use it?
2. How old is the child for whom the toy is intended? What features of the toy make it developmentally appropriate?
3. Which domains of development, biosocial, cognitive, and/or psychosocial, is your toy designed to stimulate? How are they stimulated?
4. What are some of the specific features of the toy(size,shape,color,noisemaking properties, ect.) that enhances its attractiveness and play value?
5. What considerations should be given to injury control when the toy is used? 6. Are there any poorly designed aspects of the toy,such as not being
appropriate or not being challenging enough, etc.?