HILD PSYCHOLOGY SELF ESTEEM in children with eating disorders or problems of eating disorders around them

Term Paper

Each student will do research on a topic of his/her choice related to child development.

LENGTH/REFERNCE STYLE: The term paper must be a minimum of 10 pages, but shall not exceed 15 pages (not including references) double-spaced, typewritten and the original copy presented (no photocopies). APA style should be used for the references. Information about APA style is available at: pubmed/

and search for self-esteem children eating disorder.

A correct way to proceed would be to follow this outline

introduction (children, importance of eating, development, what are eating disorders)

if you can find a study case that would be great ( of a child suffering from eating disorders)

summarize the content of all the articles that are relevant for this paper in a pargraph or two.

what triggers eating disorders in childhood ?
what are the causes? factors.

outcomes of eating disorders in children :
anxiety / stress
decrease of self esteem
scholar failure
etc… (feel free to find more outcomes and consequences for the future)

treatments: possible treatments, interventions, education, parenting ?

recommendations that follow the research and conclusion
+ personal conclusion about the topic (what should be done, etc.)

THank you so much!

best regards and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or remarks