Hild Services in Northern Ireland for Children Who Have Expereinced Domestic Violence

POWER POINT PRESENTATION ON CRITERIA ATTACHED. 1. Intro that speciifies the impact on children who have experienced domestic violence. State the rationale in choosing this client group is to outline current available services and identify gaps in provision to such children. Identify sources of information used. 2.Provide a critical ovwerview of both UK and international literature relating to such children, in doing so demonstrate an understanding of historical, sociological, psychological and policy perspectives.
3.Provide a critical evaluation of the local polices (Foyle Trust Area: Londonderry, Northern Ireland) practices and provsiion of services. This should include the identifcation of any gaps and propsals fro improvements in existing provision, it is expected that students will convey an understanding of the providers perspective.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of service users and/or carers perspectives. This may be achieved through examination of secondary data or evidence from practice.
5.Provide an analysis of values issues and anti-oppressive practice within the work. This shouls convey the students understanding of the discriminatory systems which operate in the lives of the service users and how these might be challenged.
Harvard style of referencing please.
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