I am doing a Critical Literature Review on Child Sexual Abuse in the UK as my dissertation.

DUE ON 16/04/2013

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Chapter 3: The effectiveness of services on child abuse in UK.(review)
-current concerns
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Chapter 2

-History-When offerd and why(NOT DONE YET)

policy and legislation

Services available to help practitioners assess or work with families have been through the use of many agencies, such as MOSAC (mothers of sexually abuse children), NAPAC (National Association People Abuse in Childhood). MOSAC supports non abusing parents and carers whose children have been sexually abuse and NAPAC also provides support and information for those abuse in childhood.Child protection system is developed to safeguard children, in balancing the conflicting rights of parents by minimizing danger and maximize their welfare (Furgerson, 20011 and Munro, 2008). The 1989 Children Act amended in 2004 by Lord Larmings inquiry over the death of 8 year old Victoria Climbie. this Act provided a legal frame work for every Child Matters Program for change (DfES, 2003), the green paper was to focused on safe guarding children, preventing their welfare, improving their safety and preventing abuse. Child Protection is defined as, a part of safeguarding and promoting welfare, children services share the responsibility for safeguarding children, which is define as protecting children from maltreatment, preventing impairment of children health and development (Working Together to Safeguard Children, DfS, 2006: 5). Child protection effort is to improve practices, such as, assessments framework, procedure manual and decision making, but keeping children, and young people safe is their ultimate goal.
According to the NSPCC ( 2012), there is no legislation that covers child protection only, laws and guidance continue to be amended, updated or revoked through stationary laws and case law. Amending laws in the UK is passed on by Westminster, the Welsh Assembly Government, the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Scottish Parliament. And the legislation covering child protection is civil law and criminal law. Civil law is split into, public and private law, public law sets out action to protect children who are at risk and public law deals with families. On the other hand criminal law is set out to deal offender or those who pose as a risk to children and young people. Guidance legislations are operated differently in different parts of the UK by local authorities (ref).