Hild vaccines should be optional (this is a PERSUASIVE PAPER)

This is a persuasive paper, and should talk mainly about why child vaccines should be optional ( for one, they have been linked to cause other diseases), but the paper should also touch a little bit on the other side of the contrversy, which is that child vaccines are necessary to stop the spread of diseases.

This is a final paper for my writing class. I need this to be persuasive paper that matches the topic: child vaccines should be optional, and the thesis statement should have state and support the topic. I know that you probably know what a thesis is, but just to make sure, the thesis needs to have at least 2 parts to is, and the paper should focus on those different parts and support them. As you know the thesis goes at the end of the opening paragraph.

The following are the requirments from my instrustor;

What is a persuasive research paper?

Simply put, it is a paper that uses information collected through research to make a point. A persuasive research paper takes a decided stand on an issue and is not purely informational. Please note that a persuasive research paper is NOT:

” everything you can find on a topic
” one persons view on a topic
” only the material that supports your preconceived opinion(s)
” an opinion essay or personal narrative

A persuasive research paper IS:

” a paper that makes a logical, convincing argument. Its goal is to
persuade, not simply to inform
” a paper that uses outside research to support the argument but
also contains the authors own analysis of the outside research
to make the argument.

Your thesis statement should clearly present the argument you are making, and it should also be suitably narrow and focused.

What are sources and how are they used?

Your research paper must directly refer to at least five sources (in the papers text, not just in the references page) and follow the APA Manuscript Style. Of these, no more than two can be Internet-only sources. Internet-only means articles found ONLY on the Web. Articles you receive from MasterFILE Premier,Academic Search Elite(see below), or other library databases are not considered Internet-only because they are also typically printed in academic journals and other publications. At least two must be books or academic articles.

Your final project research paper must include a references page containing all sources used, even those not directly referred to in the paper itself. Note: this requirement that your references page must include all sources used and not just those referred to in the paper itself is a course requirement, not an APA requirement.