Hildens Hospital: Reducing Central Line Infections

1. Read Case 2,Holtz Childrens Hospital: Reducing Central Line Infections
2. Respond to Assignment Questions 1, 2, and one additional question from those found at the end of the case.

Note: This case focuses on the complexities of making change happen in a hospital setting with many professions, locations, variables, and actors.

Answer both Assignment Question:
1. Why would one question whether the well documented improvements efforts in CA-BSI in adult ICU settings are transferrable to pediatric settings?

2. Why might some PICU staff members resist implementing the central line bundle given its success elsewhere?

Choose any ONE additional question:

3. This case takes place in a resource constrained environment. What approaches were used to overcome these limitations?
4. What would be your response if the chief of the transplant service had said,We dont seem to be doing to badly, certainly not any worse than our local competitors.
5. Discuss the relative merits of each of the alternative approaches available for reducing line infections in addition to improved care and maintenance:
Discussing each infection as a sentinel event.
Using a daily goals checklist.
Using insertion practices, such as sterile insertion techniques.
What factors might lead you to emphasize one over the others?

6. What are the merits of using a forcing tactic, such as removing the ethanol swab materials from the bedside?