Hildhood and Adolescence (Psychology Observation/Research Paper)

Observation/Research papers

First paper: Due April 30
Choose one of the following films:
(Opal Dream,Stand by Me,Mean Creek, Rabbit-Proof Fence)

Choose a character from one of the films listed that best fits into the age group of 5 to 12ish years of age. Compare and contrast a Freudian
versus Jungian view of the character you have chosen. For example: Sam, from Mean Creek is about 12ish; Freud would suggest a
psychosexual stage while Jung would emphasize growth along the ego/self axis. This paper is meant to be a comprehensive synopsis of
the first half of the quarter.
Use APA style; double spaced,
12 point font, correct grammar, punctuation and spelling; with citations and at least 2 additional outside references to support your