Hildhood Obesity in African American Children

Each student is expected to identify a social problem of interest or concern to you based on your social work practice experience. This problem will serve as the basis for all written assignments throughout the semester.

The approximately three-page double-spaced paper must:
a) provide a clear definition of the problem as you see it,
b) objectively discuss the scope and magnitude of the problem (e.g., how extensive is the problem, how many people are affected, which demographic groups),
c) discuss what causes this problem to exist in an objective manner,
d) objectively describe the specific positive and negative effects of this problem for individuals, families, groups, and society,
e) explain why this problem is of interest to you based on your practice experience, and why you believe it is worthy of policy attention,
f) identify a policy addressing this problem that you think you would like to study over the course of the semester. (This is a non-binding selection.

This paper must be well-referenced, using appropriate resources to support your arguments.

All written assignments will be graded on the following criteria:
1. Adherence to the required elements of the assignment.
2. Quality of analysis and the depth of understanding of the topic.
3. Logical and well-organized presentation of your arguments, and conclusions that are
clearly drawn from your arguments.
4. Appropriate use of references, using sources beyond those provided by the instructor. It
is your responsibility to ensure all sources you cite are credible.
5. Appropriate grammar and spelling, and evidence the assignment has been proofread.
Students are expected to follow the 6th edition of the APA Publication Manual. Each assignment should be double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1a? margins, with page numbers indicated