Hildhood Obesity in Saudi Arabia: a Public Health Concern

Module Title: Public Health Fundamentals: Concepts, Theories and Frameworks

Essay Title: Childhood Obesity in Saudi Arabia: a Public Health Concern

The assignment is a 1750-word piece of critical academic writing focusing on the reality of childhood obesity from social public health standpoint (i.e. public health theories and practice!)

Note: It is very important to discuss the topic in a public health context!

Please note that good critical analysis attracts higher marks.

Please read the following comments carefully as they MUST be taken into consideration while writing the essay.

a? Too much description and not enough critical analysis a please read journal articles around the topic areas to gain a grasp of how to analyse concepts, theories, frameworks and ideologies in a critical way.

a? If you are describing something a ask yourself why? Are you going to follow it through with an analysis of the potential issues? For example a if you are describing current sex education in schools, you need to support it with evidence from the literature (preferably contemporary journal articles in the last 10-15 years). So, you need to find articles that discuss all issues associated with childhood obesity and highlight different theories.

a? It is important to note that marks will be awarded for:

i?? Comprehension & application
i?? Analysis & synthesis
i?? Evaluation
i?? Presentation

So, onto writing style and presentation
a? Care with presentation can make a vast difference to the professionalism and appearance of academic work. A well-presented piece written in a logical style which is easy to read is more likely to be accepted than a piece which does not meet these standards.

a? Headings should be meaningful so that the reader can interpret them correctly and find information required quickly. Imprecise headings such as Other considerationscan be infuriating! The headings should follow a logical order.

a? Closely typed long paragraphs should be avoided. The text should be broken up and present a neat, well shaped layout with headings and sub-titles

a? Font size a 12 and in Arial

a? Double or 1.5 spaced

a? Page numbers
This is to let the reader know what the writer is driving at and what the line of argument is. The necessary background should be stated with an obvious statement of intent and an indication of how the subject is to be developed. The aim is to give the reader an initial frame of reference to assist comprehension and assessment. follows in the text.
Main text
This should be divided into sections with appropriate and informative headings. The sequence should be logical, although not necessarily chronological. The body of the report should contain a statement of facts discovered, clear arguments and opinions arising from the facts.
These should be firm, unqualified statements summarising the findings and inferences of the sections of the main text. No new ideas should be introduced at this point, but it is acceptable to hint at recommendations.
References and bibliography
Harvard System must be used. Use references (at least 20-25; 10 of which are books and the remaining are journals/articles/websites, etc) to support your statements. The following books may be considered, but more references MUST be used:

a? Obesity in Saudi Arabia (Bahrain Medical Bulletin, Vol. 22, No. 3, September 2000)
a? The obesity prevention source: Child Obesity
(/ Clinton Smitha¬a¬a¬
Appendices should contain relevant detailed and/or descriptive information, which, although likely to be of interest to the reader and supporting the argument, would interrupt the flow of the argument if included in the main text.

Note: A copy of these instructions will be sent via email.