Hildhood Vaccinations and Immunizations

This paper will be on Childhood Immunizations and Vaccinations issue that is going on in the United States. The issue is deciding to get the immunizations and vaccinations for children or not getting them. Parents are the ones deciding the fate of the children to get them or not to get them. Discuss both sides of the issue. Discuss in the paper that I am for childhood immunizations and vaccinations. Look into Risk and benefits. Discuss Recommended Immunizations for Children (Birth through 6 years) from the source Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Go into detail of each Immunization that is recommended. Discuss Immunizations Requirements for Childcare and School. History of vaccine schedule.

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No Abstract Needed!!!

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All sources have to be professional ones from the United States as in websites or books.

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Can I get another page added and it be discuss immunizations requirements for childcare and school, Vaccine History, and add a conclusion to it also.