Hildhood VaccinationsAre they really needed?

Clinical Research Proposal
Statistical Format: There will be no difference in the medical health of children given vaccinations as scheduled and those whose parents refused vaccinations.

The Paper needs to begin… The purpose of this study is to …

Describe the problem area and purpose,
Literature review needing to include British Nursing Indexes, CINAHL. MEDLINE, EMBASE, and others, books, journals, etc.

Each heading must be addressed

Theoretical Framework:
Hypotheses and/or research question: a clear statement iidentifying independent and dependent variables

Sample: Sample size, why , criteria
Human Subjects: Protecting the rights of my subjects,

Informed consent in an appendix

Research design: Describe the design chosen
Instrumnents: methods and tools. Describe the reliability and validity of the instrument.

Procedures: How will the research be conducted, gathering data? Needs to be written as giving directions to be followed for the study.

Internal and external validity: Discuss how to control threats.
Criteria for judging scientific rigor: Credibility, Auditability, Fittingness and Confirmability

Analysis: How to analyze data. What method.

Process for inplementing findings. How would study improve care?

APA Format for all citations and references

All headings outlined must be APA format.

Thank You-This paper does not have to be long or too complicated. It is introductory research in nursing, no page amount specified.
I have exact criteria that can be faxed if needed.