Hildren families and communities Familial Isolation

Familial Isolation
There are special challenges posed by all forms of isolation. List five forms of isolation. Identify and explain two challenges (living in rural and remote areas and living in poverty (or homelessness)) unique to each.
1. either parent or child has a disability
2. culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
3. living in rural and remote areas
4. one or both parents are incarcerated
5. living in poverty (or homelessness)

1 Required Reading And 4 other resources:
Fegan, M. & Bowes, J. (2009). Isolation in rural, remote and urban communities. In J. Bowes, & R. Grace (Ed.). Children, families and communities: Contexts and consequences (pp.129-147). Melbourne: Oxford University Press.

The essay should be included in an introduction, bodies and a conclusion. Using third person voice.