Hildren in Care-Administration of Children Services.

My assignment in Urban Sociology requires me to discuss an urban concern that has been an ongoing issue. For the topic I chose Children In Care-Administration of Children Servicesconcentrating in the city of Chicago. The professor asked me to approach this topic by doing generic issue investigation that means I can use newspaper or other media sources to track the impact of the issue, the population it affects, and the problems associated with issue resolution. I must begin with a history of the problem, details about the development of the problem, some information on how the problem reached where it is today, and finally answer some of the questions like:
1. Why is the issue a problem?
2. Is this an old problem or a new development?
3. Who does the problem affect?
4. What are the results and/or manifestations of the problem?
5. What ideas have been offered by the politicians and/or other administrators/decision makers to solve the problem?
6. Who are the proponents and the opponents of these policy decisions?
7. Is there a realistic solution to this problem?
8. Has the realistic solution been investigated? If not, why?
9. Are there other areas that are more successful in dealing with the problem?
10. What have they done and why?
11. What stops all municipalities from adopting these responses to the issue?
12. Will urban residents continue to see this issue as a problem in the future?

*The final discussion of the problems future needs to be based on facts not just assumptions or personal stereotypes.

*This assignment should be 2 pages in length. The majority of the paper should be spent discussing the problem issue and reporting on the city s response to the issue. Also, describe how the issue is transformed, if it is over time (for example, how it became a crisis, results in criticism of city leaders, or fades into insignificance, etc.). The last half page of this paper should present my opinion regarding the future of this issue in the city and should tell if whether this problem will be solved, delayed, or forgotten. Be sure to provide logical reasons here.

70 points for problem discussion(How well do I describe the problem in my chosen city of Chicago? Do I describe the problem and its related issues over a substantial time frame? Are the articles I cite relevant to the topic at hand? How well do I describe how the issue changes over time? Do I describe the opposing forces which battle over proposed solutions to the problem?)

*20 points for personal prediction(Do I state my own opinion? Do I supply valid, deliberated reasons for why I believe the problem can or cannot be resolved? Do I use historical evidence or examples from other cities that have faced this problem?)

*The professor will be judging whether the paper is well written and follows the guidelines provided.

*Provide at least four (4) references for this research. Websites and online newspaper sources are acceptable.