Hildren Living with Violence and the Implications for Health and Social Care Practice Within the UK

I have attached ideas of what I want included within the dissertation, it is only a brainstorm and doesnt have to all be included. It is important that the work is clearly for a health and social care course and considers the implications for practice surrounding children living with violence. It also has to be based on the UK.
The work should:
-flow properly and passages should link when moving from one theme to another. Ideas should be communicated concisely.
-should emphasise the scale of the problem of children living with violence and include some referenced statistics within the introduction.
-Be well integrated and coherently argued.
-should show a sound knowledge of the subject area and understanding of topic.
-should be fully relevent to health and social care.
-Should have a conclusion drawing together the main points and finishing the work.
Please read the attached notes for the main points I think should be covered within the essay.
All sources need to be cited properly within the text (with the surname, year of book, page number) in brackets. All references have to be under reference section at the end at the dissertation and have to be referenced Harvard style and include place of publishing and publisher. Sources must include mostly books and journals but should also include some websites, government articles, legislation. Approx 70 references.