This literature review is for submission to an international conference. this is about CHILDREN MODELING THEIR PARENTS PROSOCIAL BEHAVIOR”. It should examine how children observe and imitate their parents prosocial behaviors(sharing with others, helping others in need)and learn such behaviors from them.

I want this to be an in-depth literature review which investigates the influence of parents behavior on promoting childrenas prosocial behaviors by the childrens imitaion and modeling their parents behavior.

The literature review should defenitely be analyzing previoius research articles about children learning from their parents prosocial behaviors, and if there were some controversy among parent modeling, it would be okay to cite some in the beginning and let the reader know just like the usual peer reviewed journals. however, I want my paper to have a viewpoint that supports the thought which children learn to become prosocial by imitating and modeling their parents.

PLEASE no plagiarization (this will be submitted to a very important international conference). Please use the accurate APA style. And because this is a literature review, I would like to see as many articles cited as possible (Im assuming maybe more than 20-30).

Since this is a lot of work, and since this is such an important work, you can actually take some more time . i can have it back by May 28th (so thats 14 days). Please let me know via email when you could finish this by.

Thank you very much for your help in advance!