Hildren today are being over medicated (persuasive essay)

Before the description, I just want to add a little helpful info. I really wanted to use the PBS show The Medicated Child as a source, here is the website to get the interviews and info in writing

..Thank you for your help!!!

Description & Purpose
This paper will be a persuasive essay in which you defend your opinion on a topic. Writing about controversial issues will give you the opportunity to think about a problem, take a position after thoughtful deliberation, and then to defend your position by constructing well reasoned arguments. When distinguishing between fact and opinion, drawing conclusions, and evaluating evidence, you exercise critical
thinking skills.

Write this essay for a group of citizens who are concerned about the issue. Your job is to convince your audience that your viewpoint is reasonable.

Final Essay Formatting Requirements
Introduction: must include thesis statement
Body of Essay: your opinion on the issue with at least three strong arguments and evidence to support it.
Works Cited: at least 2 sources in MLA format (Wikipedia cannot be one of your sources)

1. Introduce your essay with an attention-getting strategy that relates to your topic.
2. Include the Subject, Purpose, Scope, and Plan of Development in your introduction. Write a strong, specific thesis statement.
3. Organize your information into categories for the body of your paper. Divide and arrange paragraphs according to those categories. For example, you might organize your body into sections such as Explanation of the Issue, Background, Your Viewpoint, Argument #1, Argument #2, Argument #3, Summary, Conclusion.
4. Integrate concrete facts and statistics into your essay to support your opinion.
5. Dedicate at least one full paragraph to each argument that supports your claim.
6. Maintain a positive tone throughout the essay. Avoid asking too many questions.
7. Conclude as powerfully as you began. Save something new for your conclusion.
8. As you use quotes or facts found through research, be sure to write in-text citations. Include
every source you use in the Works Cited section.