Hildren today are not encouraged to use their imaginations.

.The Exemplification Essay
This essay will be 2-4 double spaced pages, not counting the Works Cited, which is of course is part of the essay, but does not count as overall length. This essay requires academic research and citations, so you will need a minimum of 3 academic sources. No Wikipedia or any other book notes can be used in this course. Follow all formal writing rules and MLA 7 format.
Instructions for Writing the Exemplification Essay:
First: Choose one of the topics that lends itself to academic research from a?Additional Writing Topicsa? found at the end of the chapter.
You must use one of the ACADEMIC topics listed on that page.
Second: do some prewriting and make a writing plan: After choosing a topic, make a list of as many examples as you can to support your idea. Choose the strongest examples from the list, organize them as you would use them in your essay, and create a writing plan. Research this essay, and cite at least three sources from outside the textbook.
Writing Plan:
1. Thesis: state your main point here in a complete sentence, reflecting the topic you have chosen.
2. List the examples you will use in your paper in the order you intend to use them. Group the examples to create three or more body paragraphs.
3. You MUST cite at least 3 outside sources in your essay, and list them correctly in your MLA Works Cited page.
Third: write the rough draft and proofread carefully before turning it into a final draft. Follow formal writing rules. The essay should consist of an introductory paragraph with thesis, a body of three or more paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph:
Introduction: Begin with a topic sentence, in your third person words, that introduces the major aspect of your topic that will be addressed. In your introduction, you might want to include a relevant quotation from an academic source. Make sure you end the introduction with the thesis, stating your main point.
Quotation: the exact words of someone other than the writer of the essay. Use quotation marks around the exact words. Introduce the quotation with the authoras full name. Include page numbers where quotation may be found at the end of the quotation in parentheses. See the MLA section for how to cite if you do not remember.
American English might have its origins in the Queenas English from England, but it has taken on a life of its own since arriving on the North American continent. In her essay a?Sexism and Language,a? Alleen Pace Nilsen comments, a?Anyone living in the U.S. who listens with a keen ear or reads with a perceptive eye can come up with startling new insights about the way American English affects our valuesa? (192). Although Nilsen specifically reveals examples of sexism in the English language, a look at the English language reveals many examples of racial prejudice as well. The diversity of language and the values it connotes are important to all Americans, since people may unwittingly send messages through the way they speak; these messages might be hurtful. Evolving American English connotes different values of racism, gender, and politics.
The topic sentence gets the reader rolling with the topic, and then a specific quotation introduces contemporary aspect of the topic. Then the paragraph moves on to supporting material to get to the thesis, which is clearly articulated.
Body: Group your examples into several topics, and then discuss each topic in a separate paragraph. Be specific as you describe your examples, following the techniques used in the narration essay. Add explanations as needed to show how the examples illustrate your main point.
Conclusion: Summarize the main point and bring the essay to a close. Never say, a?In conclusion,a? or a?To summarize,a? etc. I already know it is your conclusion from how you write it and because it is the last paragraph in your paper.
Works Cited: Every time you use a source in your writing, you must include the publishing information for each source used in the paper. The Works Cited page, as it should be titled, is placed at the end of the final draft of your essay. Review the MLA 7 Handout for proper format.
Fourth: revise and submit the final draft.