Hildren Victimology: Issues in the Criminal Justice System

First, I would like to point out that I have had POOR quality essays in the past through writing services. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the final product through Essay Capitalis: 1. MOST importantly, writen by an NATIVE ENGLISH speaker. 2. NOT PLAGERIZED. 3. Intellectually sound and 100% written at Masters degree level. 4. No grammar/spelling errors 5. No references used through websites (although journals accessed online are perfectly fine). 6. Timely communication with writer.

Describe some of the issues faced by children in the criminal justice process. (3 pages)
What steps can be taken to minimise the negative effects of the system? (3 pages)

It is NOT necessary to use lots of words on a perfect INTRODUCTION or CONCLUSION, as I will be writing these since my paper is actually 25 pages long. Please concentrate on writing 3 pages for each of the questions above.

PLEASE use references from books, journals, etc, rather than private websites or government based websites.

PLEASE be sure to elaborate on a points made. Ie. give examples, etc.

I would like the research to be on ONLY the USA criminal justice system juvenile problems AND/OR Australia criminal justice system juvenile probelms. NOT the UK, Europe, etc, etc.

ALSO: The course this is for is VICTIMOLOGYso no references to CHILD OFFENDERS is needed, instead focus on CHILD VICTIMSAND CHILD WITNESSES”.

Thank you very much!!!!