Hildren who are affected and impacted by their parents with aids

This is a literature review. I have written a one page summary on the cubject of what Id like to have written.

The Impact on Children Whose Parents are Diagnosed with Acquire Immune Deficiency Syndrome

According to recent literature there is an increase in the United States in the amount of children who are affected by parents with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The impact of this disease can have a devastating affect on the interaction of a parent and his or her child. There are numerous factors that a social worker must consider when working with children whose parent has AIDS. One must look at the emotional, social, educational and financial implications of this disease. This area of concern is an important area for social work to study because currently there are very little resources that are allocated for children whose parents are diagnosed with AIDS.
A child who has a parent who is diagnosed with AIDS suffers in silence. In most cases they are afraid or ashamed to discuss their concerns with their peers, teachers or counselors. The majority of children whose parent has AIDS are from single parent households. This compounds the issue because often there is no adult that can share in the care of the ailing parent. The care of the ailing adult becomes the sole responsibility of the child.
Children of AIDS victim also deal with the uncertainty of the road ahead. They know that this is a disease that can and will ultimately end their parent s life. There uncertainties as to what will happen to them are legit.
My proposal for an independent study would be to research this subject and to provide a literature review of the topic

Here is an outline of how the paper should look.
1. Epidemiology-number of people with the problem, why this is a problem, who does it impact(rural vs urban) black vs white, ect.
2. Impact of the problemHow does this affect the child parent relationship. How does it impact child and peer relationship. How does it impact school performance. What are the financial implications of the problem.
3. What is needed to help the problem? How can social workers help the situation. Explain in detail.
4. Conclusion

Please make sure that this is not a paper on children with aids. It about how they cope with their parents affliction with aids.
To make sure that this paper is on the right track I am requesting that you send me the first 2 pages prior to the rest of the pages being completed. I will be able to tell if the paper is on target and addresses the subject that I have requested.