Hildren who grew up playing video games and texting versus those who played outside and rode bikes

1. In Mark Twainas a?Two Ways of Seeing a River,a? you were able to read the way in which Twain compares the beauties of the river to its dangers. In a 500 word comparison-contrast essay, compare and contrast two ideas that leads to a fruitful understanding of both. The topic may be of your choosing, but you might consider the following topics:
o Online versus traditional, classroom education
o The role of women in todayas society versus their traditional role
o The changing role of men in society from providers to stay-at-home dads
o Children who grew up playing video games and texting versus those who played outside and rode bikes
Your essay will be graded on its ability to adhere to the comparison-contrast essay form. Does the comparison and contrast you are making lead to a better understand of the differences and similarities between the two items? Is the discussion lead to some compelling information about the superiority of one over the other or at least a better understand of both? Is the discussion organized and easy to understand? In other words, do you compare and contrast each point by point or in blocks?

Your essay will also be graded on its development. See the checklist on page 113 of Wordsmith for guidance. Be sure that you revise, proofread, and format your essay according to APA standards. See pages 446-469 of The Little, Brown Compact Handbook. If you use outside sources, you need to use quotation marks for lifted language as well as in-text and reference list citations. Please note that your essay must be uploaded as an attached document.

If your essay is less than 500 words, you will not receive full credit and depending on the word count, your grade may be severely impacted.