Hildren Who Speak a Language Other Than English at Home, by Region

This assignment has several components: 1) readings, 2) getting and interpreting the data, 3) writing a brief report.

1) Readings
For this assignment, you will need to read the following materials, which are posted on Blackboard.
i?? Article by Kemp and Kessane on i??A Five Step Framework for Interpreting Tables and Graphs in Their Contexts.i??
i?? PowerPoints slides on to search, interpret, and make charts from the Statistical Abstract of the U. S.

3. Find out everything you can about the data used in the table by following links and googling the specific name of the survey.
4. Create a chart from the EXCEL file about a specific finding. The chart should include a chart title and appropriate labels.
3) Writing a Brief Report
The report should follow the 3-paragraph format used in earlier assignments and should be written as an essay that tells a compelling story about the data. Perhaps it will answer a specific question or provide information on a central topic.
The essay should be tightly structured and should present the relevant information youi??ve learned about the data and from the table. Include the graph you made. The report should also include:
i?? The agency collecting the data
i?? The name of the survey and/or data program
i?? History of the data collection and larger purpose of this information
i?? Details about how the data are collected, when, and from whom
i?? Types of questions asked and link to the questionnaire if available
i?? Your interpretation of a finding from the table including the graph, citing specific numbers supporting your interpretation.
i?? Appropriate citation of the table found in PDF table.

I will attach the data survey , the EXCEL file, and the PowerPoints slides.