Hildren with Down syndrome and the effects it has on their family within a Primary School in East London.

in this assignment please refer to some of the journal references in the IPf form I have forwarded into my assignment at least five. please refer to I in the assignment. I have also attached a content and guidance sheet to follow for the criteria of this assignment. Appendix 1: ED2000 Initial Proposal Form (IPF)

please refer to the attach file from page 14-16 for the break down of the contents guidance and suggested word count. Thank you.

1 Name: Alison Niles Student No: U11555690


Early Childhood / Education Studies / EDUCOM / Language/linguistics / Professional Development / Special Education / Youth Studies/ Youth & Community Work or Combined degree a if you are a combined student please state your two subjects:
Early childhood and Special Needs.

3 Please CIRCLE/HIGHLIGHT when you attend your ED2000 lectures:

Day 1-3 or Evening 6-8

4 Working title of proposed research project:

Children with Down syndrome and the effects it has on their family within a Primary School in East London.

5. Identify at least THREE research questions relating to your chosen topic.

1. How does Down syndrome impact on childas health and social wellbeing?

2. How does Down syndrome affect the family as a whole?

3. What support services are available to families and how could these be enhanced or improved?

6. State how this project develops from the modules in your programme that a) you have studied and b) which you intend to study.

PLEASE refer to specific module code(s) and discuss how they link with your topic

My project has been develop from previous modules I have studied such as, Issues in Child Health. ED 1012 directly focuses on health issues that a child with special needs may have. Children with Down syndrome often have a number of different heath issues.
Additionally there are many challenges that Down Syndrome children may face in regards to their disability ED 2003 Challenging Disability focuses issues surrounding the challenges disabled persons may face. Introduction to Special needs, ED 1025. Children with Down syndrome generally have some level of special need. One of the modules I am presently studying, Understands and Supporting Behaviour ED2019, focuses on challenging behaviours. There are times children with Down syndromeas behaviour can have extremely challenging.

7. Identify at least six references related to your topic. These should include academic books and journals articles and explain how they link to you topic.

Here are some of the references I find that relate to my chosen topic. A book entitled Children with Down Syndrome, a developing Perspective, Which offers a review of what is known about young children Down Syndrome from a developmental perspective. I also came across some journals that offered information that may offer some useful information and data in relation to my chosen topic;

a? Beeghly, M. and Cicchetti,. D. (1990) Children with Down Syndrome: A Development Perspective. Cambridge: Cambridge Press.

a? Broers, J.M. C., Gemke, J.B.J. R., Weijerman, E.M., Kuik, D-J., Hoogstraten, M.W.A. I., and Furth, M.V.A (2012) a?Frequency of low respiratory tract infections in relation to adaptive immunity in children with Down Syndrome compared to their healthy Siblingsa, Nurturing the Child,101(8) pp.862-867.

a? Bryant, L., Hewison, J.D. and Green, J.M. (2005) a?Attitudes towards prenatal diagnosis and termination in women who have a sibling with
Down syndromea, journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, 23(2), pp181198.

a? Bull, M.J.(2011) a?Health supervisions for children with Down syndromea,128, August [Online].Available at: 393.full.pdf+html (Accessed: 03 March 2014)

a? Cuskelly, M and Gunn, P. (2006) a?Adjustment of children who have a Sibling with Down syndrome: Perspectives of mothers, fathers, and childrena Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 50(12), pp.917-925.

a? Mulroy, S., Robertson, L., Aliberti, K., Leonard, H. and Bower, C. (2008) a?The impact of having a sibling with an intellectual disability: Parental perspectives in two disordersa, Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 52(3), pp.216-292.

a? Whitt-Glover, M.C., OaNeill, K.L. and Stettler, N. (2006) a?Physical activity patterns in children with and without Down syndromea, Pediatric Rehabilitation, 9(2), PP.158-164.

All of the above are some of the references that share information which may link to some of the issues that I wish to research for my topic. Health and social issues, family perspectives from the view of siblings, mothers and the fathers of children with Down syndrome.

8. Provide a 100 -150 word summary of your research project; this should include the methods chosen for your research.

For the benefit of my research topic, Down Syndrome and the effects it has on the family. I will be looking at what Down syndrome is. Firstly I will be explaining what the condition which many children around the world are born with. How Down Syndrome contributes to the many health issue that a child with Down Syndrome may endure. Additional to this I will also look how theses my affect the family and relationship with siblings. Also I will take a look at the services that may or may not be readily available to such families. If any improvements could be made to offer greater support to the children and families that have children with Down syndrome. The methods I aim to use to conduct my research is the qualitative approach involving observation and interviews.