Hildrens behaviour towards undiected recreational play

Why do you want to undertake this project? What is its relevance to you, your work, professional development (future teacher) and your study? (650 words)

What are your aims and how will you achieve them? This will lead to determining your objective, that is; the steps, for the project. (approx 500 words)

What are you going to achieve? What is likely to be your a?producta?(approx 250 words)

Who will you need to involve? You may be doing the project single-handed but there should be other people at work aware of what you are doing and be able to assist you. Please do not name anyone who may be involved. (approx 200 words)

What is the time scale of the project? a 3 months (This can be set out in a table or diagram) (approx 150 words)

What boundaries or limitations are there? These may be imposed on you by your work situation and/or professional development requirements, but there also may be constraints from other factors, such as access to data, limited time frame, current safe practice etc. Refer to any ethical issues you will need to consider. (approx 400 words)