Hildrens health and wellbeing outdoor play

* explain conceptual frame works for understanding childrens social development

* Identify factors which influences childrenas physical and emotional health and well being

* State the principles and values, which underpin their work in supporting the well being of children within their families and communities

* Identify supports that may be used to promote the development of vulnerable children

* Evaluate links between research, policy and their own professional practice and their impact on childrenas health and well being

* Give accounts of current issues, and their implications for practice

Identify supports that are in place in scotland to promote the development of vulnerable children with regards to outdoor play (incorporate wider reading sources). Critically evaluate the links between researchs and policy and thier impact on childrens health and wellbeing (narrowing your focus on the related topic of childrens outdoor play). my chosen policy is Sure start (Scotland).Differentiate where policy initiatives such as sure start are national or deliviered differently in scotland. reference page numbering and bibliography required.
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surestart webpage