Hildrens Literature Interview Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is for you to gain insight about childrens literature in professional practices. You might consider a teacher, librarian, counselor, creative artist, editor, or any other professional who can increase your knowledge of childrens literature and how it can be used in working with children.

Assignment tips:

Choose a professional who can add to your learning about childrens literature.
Think about the particular audience or uses of childrens literature that you want to know about.
Be prepared with questions, but be prepared to explore some responses in depth and/or allow for digressions that are important.
Be clear about who, where and why you chose this person
Respect your interviewees time. Most professionals enjoy talking about their work and may need you to watch the clock.
Requirements for the Interview assignment:

MLA style and format
document length should be the equivalent of 4-5 double spaced pages or 800-1000 words