HILE:Should Governments Change? persuasive essay defending or refuting the validity of the change in government.

CHILE 1973. Need to present what happened in this change of government along with why it happened in the year 1973. Present your defense of your position.
support must include: 1. An explanation of the conditions that created the need to change government in CHILE(social welfare,economic policies,human/civil rights)1 paragraph. 2. a defense of, or argument against, the validity of the governmental change.1 paragraph 3. Use the philosophies of TWO political philosophers(Aristotle,John Locke,Blackstone,Machiavelli). Paragraph structures for support 2 and 3 can be arranged structurally or thematically.
A thesis statement, sequence of events, and a timeline must be submitted with a cheat sheet and bibliography.
Bibliography must have a minimum of 5 resources.
I need a Time Line, Cheat sheet, Bibliography, and Rubric.
Essay needs to include the components of a properly formatted essay:
introductory paragraph that includes hook,relevant background and social science thesis statement.
Support that clearly and succinctly addresses the thematic questions(3 paragraphs minimum).
Concluding paragraph that leaves the reader with a final impression that is meaningful and avoids a general or generic conclusion.

Annotated Bibliography (formatted in MLA)
5 primary sources
no encyclopedia type sources

Timeline represents the proper time frame of government change
Use a logical scale for the overall length of the change illustrated
depict germaine events of governmental change
timeline correct days of the calendar/timeline

Rubric 25 points Thesis/Main Idea
25 points Content
25 points Logic
25 points Structure

This is an in class essay.