Himpanzee bushmeat and its effects on their ecology

Research paper on the negative effects of chimpanzee bushmeat using two primary sources, including one specifically from Dr. Jane Goodall

1. intro chimp and its lineage to humans as our closest relatives; list all similarities, at least 4
2. Why chimp is thus important for conservation, for the community and ecosystem that they reside in and for human especially
3. history of bushmeat and why it exist
4. bushmeats overall negative effects on the environment, provide and expand on minimum of 2
5. chimp bushmeats specific negative effects on the environment and how in turn that would affect humans, provide and expand on minimum of 2
6. alternatives and solutions to bushmeat including the the Jane Goodall Institute of Canadas community-centred conservation project helmed by Dr. Jane Goodall herself.
7. Conclusion, restate thesis and key arguments on why bushmeat should be restricted if not stopped entirely especially for chimps