Hina Rise: A Woe? (Please re-title the paper)

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Read Minsin Peis attached article on China. What is the main thrust of his argument? Do you agree or disagree with it, and why? What is the weakness and strenth of Chinas rise? If China were to collapse one day in the future, what would be the causes? If China were to become a superpower greater than the U.S. one day in the future, what would be the reason? In the context of articles we read at the begginning of term on East Asia, do you think China will lead the East Asian Community? Why and why not?

-These questions should be addressed in a comprehensive essay style.
Dont answer them one by one
The essay must be composed of 2200 words long
It must be finished on 18/03/2006 (8.00 EST) (SHARP)
NO COPY and PASTE. Analyse the question critically and answer critically
I would like you to oppose Peis aruguments. Although China has a lot of corruption and may not go towords liberal democracy, China develpmental strategy is step by step to democracy. These policies didnt follow the neoliberal policy like many third world nations. However, China also has capitalist system that run its economy. Under this capitalist model, the people who benefit most is ruling elites. But western model also marginalize the poor as well. Thus we cannot say that China rises will be harmful to the world. The excuse may happen because its possible China will one day be social democracy which not liberal democracy and may hurt Western interest. You may adapt my argument and strengthen my idea by drawing supporting detail.