Hina vs. USA. The Quest for Global Supremacy

This homework is the writing of a full paper (4 pages) on the topic of the running competition for global supremacy between China and the USA. You could analyze any or many of the multiple fields in which that competition develops: economic, estrategic, commercial; cultural, scientific. * recomended to do 2 topics economic and scientific
You must cite at least 3 papers/articles related to the topic you choose to discuss, . I recomend you research in the webs of the The Economist; The New York Times and The wall Street Journal. There is plenty of material in them.
I strongly recomend you to begin by selecting a broad topic. Then research for materials on it. Once you have read enough and are familiar with your topic, take your time and think what you want to say. Then make an scheme of your paper. Only then, start writing.