Hinaas Stocks Head for Weekly Gain on Policy Outlook, Europe

The article:
article that you selected.
-Describe, for each possible action, what the potential outcomes might be for each party involved.
-Describe what action was actually taken and the outcomes for each party involved.

a?How would you solve these problems? Why? What, if anything, would you do differently?
-Describe the action you would take if you were the central decision maker in the case. Explain why.

What can be learned from this case?
-Delineate the lessons about ethical (or other) issues in international business that are illuminated by this case.

These are only guidelines; but you need to construct a thorough analysis that shows that youave read and thought about both the article youave chosen AND the lessons from the class and the textbook.
Source from book: Czinkota, M.R., Ronkainen, I.A., & Moffett, M.H. (2011). International Business, (8 ed). New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

***Evaluation Rubric***

* Identification of Main Issues/Problems: Identifies & understands all of the main issues

* Analysis of the Issues: Insightful and thorough analysis of all the issues

* Comments on effective solutions/strategies (The solution may be in the article already or proposed by you): Well documented, reasoned and pedagogically appropriate comments on solutions, or proposals for solutions, to all issues in the article.

* Writing and Layout (including grammar, syntax, flow and spelling) plus APA guideline adherence
Links to Course Readings and Additional Research

* Links to Course Readings and Additional Research: Excellent research into the issues with clearly documented links to class (and/or outside) readings) : major source included.