Hinas environmental degradation; Chinese governments negative and positive contribution

Conditions of the assignment: Double spaced, font size 12, minimum of 7 pages, intro: 1 page of summary parts of the book, balanced view of Chinese government (body 50% positive, 50% negative), Other sources allowed but most reference should be from the book

Book: China Today, China Tomorrow: Domestic Politics, Economy, and Society by Joseph Fewsmith.

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Intro: Summary of the book
The summary is only part of the book. Just the parts of the book (Ch4 and 6) that leads to the thesis. 1 page maximum.

Ch4 Economic growth,
-Characteristics of Chinese economic growth
-How fast, size, strength and weakness and ecta¦

Ch6 Economic Governance
-Government policy: a?growth firsta?
-Unique characteristics of Chinese governmentas economic policy: its decision making process, leaders, and ecta¦

i?? Thesis (something like) Governmentas policy on economic growth with the cost of environmental degradation

Body: Ch13 Environmental Challenges

50% of the body: Negative critic to Chinese government
-Regarding environment degradation problem, how Chinese governmentas economic policy has damaged the environment, what did Chinese government do wrong, or regulation weakness, systematical flaws.
-Current situation of environment problems. How environment problems harm Chinese people and other countries.
-Economic impact of the environmental problems.

Another 50% of the body: Positive a Chinese governmentas effort and investment to ease and solve the environmental problem.
-Chinese governmentas current view, recognition, level of awareness of the environmental problem.
Chinese governmentas plan for the environment problem
Improvement of Chinese governmentas regulation, supervision
-Any positive result of Chinese governmentas effort.

Con: Chinesea governmentas plan and vision for the better future
-Chinese governmentas future vision of harmonious economic development and better environment.
-Possible obstacles for the Chinese governmentas plan or vision for its better future.
-how to become more develop and better country for its people.

(this is mostly my suggestions. you can be flexible as you write)