Hinas increasing presence in sub-Saharan Africa

This dissertation research will embody a theoretical approach in order to examine literary and documented sources. By utilizing libraries, journals, newspaper publications, as well as online sources to accumulate empirical data for relevant economic theories, my exploration will examine main areas:

a? What are the driving forces that have suddenly driven China towards spending billions in sub-Saharan Africa? Many papers seem to briefly explain the reasons why china is so interested in Africa however this dissertation will aim to expose archival facts. The aim is to give the reader an extensive understanding of the trade going on in SSA countries and also identify who essentially is reaping the benefits.
a? Secondly this research will also aim to explain what role do Chinese companies operating in Africa play? How different is Chinese aid to the well-known western aid that Africans are use to. Kaplinsky, McCormick and Morris (2008) paper gives a detailed report on the Chinese organizations trading in SSA countries and also assess the impact of direct trade links. The report also provided greatly detailed figures explaining the impact of Chinese firms on the local economy especially the Textile Industry.
a? Finally this dissertation will aim to give the reader an African perspective on trade between China and SSA. What do the local African think about the Chinese heavy presence in their countries? How are local entrepreneurs and businesses having to adjust socially and economically in order to compete with the Chinese and also keep along with the times has their countries become increasingly westernized.