Hinas Trapped Transition: The Limits of Developmental Autocracy

1) At the beginning of the review, introduce the book to readers (major questions, why raise these questions, major argument, how the book was arranged)

2) But the major body of a review shall be your comments on the book. Use your critical thinking to make comment on anything of the book: significance of the research, research method, logic of the authors argumentation, data problem, etc. While pointing out the pros of the book, you also need to tell us the cons and why.

3) You also can compare the book to other book(s) with the similar research questions (not compulsory, but added value).

4) tell us who should read the book.

*use scholarly sources if needed*, but the only source should be the book. If you need extra money for the book, as I cannot provide it right now just let me know.