Hinese and Comparative Company Law (Pre-incorporation contract dispute)

1. How are the problems relating to pre-incorporation contract resolved in HK and China?
2. Comment on Jiangsu Higher People s Court guidelines on resolving disputes on pre-incorporation contracts in China.
3. Evaluate the rules on pre-incorporation contracts stipulated by different courts in China from a law and economic point of view. For economic point of view please refer to the economic theories such as agency costs, monitoring costs, bonding costs and transaction costs (p56-59 Corporation Law in Australia  2nd Federation Press 2002) and M. Whincop Article (An Economic & Jurisprudential Genealogy of Corporate Law (Ashgate, Aldershot 2001, p59-64)
4. How do you think the courts in China and common law country should allocate risks in a pre-incorporation contract? Please use relevant cases to support your argument