Hinese Auto Market and Its Effects on the US Economy

Title: The purpose of this research paper is to address the following question: What would be the impact on the U.S. economy if an influx of Chinese manufactured cars hit the U.S. economy and are historical implication set to repeat themselves based on the flood of Japanese autos during the 70as and 80as that essentially devastated the U. S. economy?

By addressing the: 1) cost of cars manufactured in China,
2) what must they do to become more competitive, 3) what barriers they must over-come and 4) whether there can be joint cooperation such as Chinese plants based in and employing the U.S. worker, a better understanding so that preparation can be made to mitigate the effects so that an economic tsunami will not follow.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Literature review.

Chapter 2: Whatas the real monetary cost to build a car in China versus the comparable car being built in the U.S.? ( please supply data, for example, to build a Ford Focus cost $9,000 USD while the same type car would cost 4,700 Renminbi if built in China). Please do not supply too many tables, I do need numbers, but am more interested in describing in narrative form the dollars vs Renminbi.

Chapter 3: How can they become more competitive? For example, it may only cost them $45k/per year to employee an engineer while in US itas 85k/year their quality is not as good as ours; therefore what will the U.S. do with this a?gracea? time while China is a?training and educatinga? their work force. What is the estimated time (2.7 years, 4.6 years) until the work force is as educated as ours.

Chapter 4: What barriers do they have to overcome to enter our market? For example, tariffs, quotas, transportation, value stream, safety compliance to meet US road standards.

Chapter 5: Ok, so they enter the auto market, what next? At least have them build their factories in the US (the canat beat them so join them mentality) so that our workers will receive the high paying wages and our government can receive the needed tax revenue to providing progressive services not band-aid services.

Chapter 6: Future research the by product. By having Americanas employed resulting in increased tax revenue these funds can be used FOR the US economy and not a drain ON the US economy in the form of unemployment benefits, higher crime, and increased more mental health issues due to unemployment. Pleas supply information regarding estimate number of jobs that will be lost if the Chinese flood out market and how much each unemployed person will cost the US economy in benefits and health care. Also as unemployment rises so does the crime rate please provide data on estimated crime increase as well as approximate cost for housing the inmates.
Conclusion: Restate the question and show how the question was answered.

I have approximately 35 references already and 2 rough drafts I will gladly sent so you can incorporate with your work a if you will provide an up link I will do so, thanks!