Hinese Economic Reform, the Current Central Bank Monetary Policy And How This Policy Control the Inflation

This is the proper structure and content which have to be met for dissertations requirement, so please do not amend the structure and content. and in chapter 5 require use spss software to run the regression.

Chapter 1
. Introduction
-state my research question
-smaller objectives
-Chapter outline

-post 1979 economic reforms and development in China
-government economic policy for managing the economy
-Chinas recent inflation situation

Chapter 3
Economic theory
-Central bank monetary policy options i.e. the two main methods they
have used to control the money supply
-The Bank of China gaining more independence regarding monetary policy

Chapter 4
Literature Review
-What studies have said about Chinas rapid growth and the inflation
problems it has caused
-Possible ways to resolve these inflation problems

Chapter 5
-Look at trade-off of Chinas inflation with other macroeconomic
variables (e.g. economic growth, interest rates, unemployment)
-Use statistics e.g. regression to model association between inflation
and other macroeconomic variables

Chapter 6
please use Harvard style reference