Hinese Film Showerdirected by Zhang Yang (1999) commentary

**********350 WORDS ONLY***********!!!

Content : identify an argument (not merely a topic) from the required readings ( with DIRECT QUOATAION and page numbers) and discuss it in relation to the film (ShowerA?)

1. Y.Zhang, Screening China 313-319 (the new millennium)
2. Berry, Chinese Films in Focus II, 106-113 (Yomi on Farewell My Concubine)

Focus: your ability to articulate someone elses argument and state your interpretation of a film in relation to that argument; mere factual information or plot summary wont count as argument.

Grading: out of 10 points, 3 for identification of an ARGUMENT and logical transition, 3 points for FILM discussion focused on details, and 4 for WRITING (grammar, expression, coherence, style)

1. Berry, Chinese Films in Focus II, 4342-4345
2. Y.Zhang, Screening China 4346-4349

In the last 3 essay that you wrote for me, my professors says they have no film details. no central argument and also transitional coherence. please notice! 🙂
**********350 WORDS ONLY*************

you can find the plot or movie online! :)!!